About NashirNet Data Center

NashirNet sought to build an integrated data center according to international standards to meet the customer needs in hosting services. A data center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a positive factor in providing better service and to contribute to the resettlement of the Arabic content in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Technical specifications for the data center:

  • Space:
    Space to host servers and cabinets up to 235 square meters.
  • Electric power
    Power capacity in the data center is 800 ِِِAmpere, which is sufficient to run up to 700 server.
  • Backup power
    The total energy flowing into the data center is up to two times the amount of energy needed by the data center to work. The data center provide batteries UPS to feed the servers for 25 minutes in the case of power cut and also there is electric generators work automatically as soon as power outages.
  • Fire extinguishing system
    The data center is prepared with specializes fire system designed for discovery and protection against fire accidents based on the withdrawal of oxygen from the server room to stop the combustion.
  • Internet connection speed
    Fiber lines of up to 1.4 Gbps from STC with a backup line form another DSP. All servers are connected at 100 Mbps.
  • The cooling system
    Full management of the environment to protect the data center from the climatic conditions (humidity, dust and external temperature), in addition to the multiple refrigeration units, each of which works in a part of his productivity, to keep the server room envireonment suitable.

Protection and safety system

Protection system at the level of the entire data center in terms of entry and exit permits:
The data center is equipped with entry permits for authorized personnel only.

Protection within the data center:
The data center is provided with surveillance cameras and staff specialists around the clock.

Protection of network:
servers is characterized by long experience in addressing the problems of the web like denial of service attacks and DDOS and dealing with them in a way thatcommensurate with the type of attack targets our network.

Firewalls :
Advanced Firewall is installed on the server level, where it close all unused ports to raise the level of protection, and is protected by layers of TCP / IP, in addition to the installation of a specialized firewall (Cisco ClearOS) as requested by the client.

Protection against spam and viruses:
The use and installation of specialized filters to prevent the transmission of spam through the servers .