Internet Protocol V6 ( IPv6 )

IPV4 problem
As has been predicted for years, the world is running out of IPv4 addresses. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), which manages global IP addresses, doled out the last five /8 blocks of IPv4 addresses in February 2011 to the five regional Internet registries.

IPV6 , the Solution
Deployment of IPv6 is the standards-based solution to the IPv4 address shortage.IPv6, or Internet Protocol Version 6, is the next generation Internet Layer protocol designed to replace the current and aging IPv4 standard.

IPV6 Deployment problem
IPV6 deployment worldwide is slow. The essence of the problem comes down to this: service providers don’t want IPv6 because there is no subscriber demand, subscribers don’t want it due to lack of content, and the content providers don’t want it unless there are subscribers.

Nashirnet, part of the solution
While this industry-wide problem has been challenging, Nashirnet has accelerated its efforts towards IPv6 adoption.
Nowadays, Nashirnet is proud to announce moving it's Network toward a full native and Dual-stack IPv6 support beside IPV4 .

Nashirnet IPV6 hosting
IPv6 hosting provides a wide array of benefits to end users, including built in protocol security, a larger address space, and new mobility features.

Since IPv6 is the future of the Internet , all Nashirnet hosting services come IPv6-enabled as standard, alongside our existing rock-solid IPv4 infrastructure. In addition, our future clients can receive our ‘dual stack’ service where IPv4 and IPv6 will run concurrently for our IPv6-enabled customers at the network level, making their future safe in our hands.

Are you ready for IPv6 , the next generation Internet protocol?